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Community & Servers' Rules & Regulations!
« on: August 29, 2018, 04:27:30 PM »
  • Don't take all the things serious! It's just a game
  • Always Respect Staff Members! They Give-up their Free time to Moderate You!

General Community Rules

- Always Use Mature & Friendly Language On Forum While Posting! No Abusing Or Trolling Behavior(Excepting Off-Topics Board) Containing Posts.

- TDC's Discussions Category is made only For Server Related Talks.. Any Posts in that Category that are Unrelated to Server would be deleted or moved ASAP.

- Make Sure to Use Correct format! After Copying a Format, Re-check if it is not Complete! You can use Code: [Select] To Select The Complete Format.

- No NSFW/Age-Restricted Content on The Forum! Anyone Caught Posting any Age-Restricted Content would be instantly banned from the Forum!

- No begging For Unban or Staff Position! To get the Staff Position, Please Apply In Our Staff Applications Board! To Get Unbanned, Apply in our Ban Appeals Board!

- Never use Other Language Than English! You can only use Multi-languages In PM.

- Red, Green & Blue Colors In texts also aren't allowed as they are only for the use of Staff to tell either any Application is Accepted or Denied.

- Never Post any AD links, Virus Files or Sites, or Illegal Downloads Would be Instantly Deleted & The user would be instantly Kicked from the forum

- Never Post with Uppercase Letters or Everything CAPITAL as it's considered as Shouting which is not necessary on our forums.

General Server Rules

- Multi Accounting For Your Profit or Just to act like It's not you in front of players isn't allowed! Anyone Caught using More than 2 accounts would be banned for a month or more. TDC Strictly Prohibits Multi-accounting! Even If you forget your Account Password, then tell us in our General Discussions Board with Logs or Screenshots as Proof!

Ban Evasion or Usage of VPN
- Evading Ban By Quitting or Fake Timeout or VPN Usage Will be a result of a Permanent Ban! You won't get unbanned even when you Appeal for Unban or our forum! You'll be Banned From All our Contacting Area Like: Forum, Discord etc... Strict Actions are taken on the usage of VPN!

Staff Reports Rule
- Reporting any Staff Member is a Serious Thing! Never Provide any fake or Wrong Evidence Against Staff! We Need real Answers & Evidences Against the Staff member.

Rocket Glitching(VCMP)
- Never use Rocket Launchers/RPGs From Close Range or Fast Switching(Switching To Other weapon Fast & Running here and there Like A DM or Duel) isn't allowed.

Advantage Mods or Hacks
- Any kind of hack is not allowed in this server! + Any Mod that gives you advantage in Killing in DeathMatches or Duels are Strictly Prohibited!

Manual FPS Adjusting
- Any tool used for Adjusting Player-FPS manually will be a result for a ban! It Could be an Advantage During Death Matches to kill fraggers by using lag!

Death Evading
- Any player caught Doing Pause-Evasion, Rage-Quit While Death, Fake Timeout while Death, or any other thing that can evade Death would be a reason for warn or kick!

- No other Server Advertising is allowed! This Rule should go without saying.

NOTE: These rules also applies on Staff Members! If you've Caught Any Staff Member Breaking any rule, Then You can Report Him/Her In Reports Board
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